I'll Build An Easy To Use automated system That Can Generate & Manage More Qualified Inquiries For Your Service.

I Build Digital Pipelines for Service Business To Help Manage Inquiries.

  • Speak to more customers ready to buy. 🧐

  • Provide an Awesome Customer Experience. 🤖

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Caroline Douthwaite - Founder Snowball Assets

"Many small and medium sized businesses rarely get around to creating a robust lead qualifying and management system and even less do this using AI. 🤯

Years goes by whilst many persist without significant results causing increased stress and hard work.

Snowball Assets solves this problem in a matter of a few weeks not years using AI power software."

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Chris Ramsey

Managing Director Ramselec Solar

"I've been working with Caroline now for 6 to 8 months...

...and without her support, I wouldn't be in the position I'm now in."

Chris Molnar

Managing Director Performativ Marketing

"She provided a lot of great experience and advice...

...on how to acquire new customers, she's been a really big help."

Jarrod Owens

Managing Director Solar Solutions

"It's been a real success, I've been selling about 30% of the leads..."

"I highly recommend she does that for you..."

Lee Hicks

Director, Define Your Vision

"When Caroline gets a customer the fact she cares about what she does and how she serves them absolutely sets her apart in the marketplace."

Zach Schuenke

Founder & Owner, Convert On Command

"Expert with business development and sales. If you have the opportunity to work with her - do it!"

Dale Briggs

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert

I recommend Caroline… Snowball Assets is truly your marketing partner...

Snowball Assets will turn your negative experience with digital marketing into positive results.

Snowball Assets will guide you and your business to the next level.

Donald Castellano

Founder & CEO at Go Wealth Builders

"Caroline is a go-getter and problem solver! She can help you navigate the potential minefield that starting or scaling a business can be...

...so that you can focus on the things that matter most, and effectively grow no matter what stage of the game you're at. I definitely recommend reaching out to her to see what she can do for you!"

Kylie Harkin

Owner Sapppire Capital

"Caroline is by far one of the smartest businesswomen I’ve ever met. She is great at explaining things thoroughly which I cut through the noise providing results fast.

She taught helped my sales team how to listen to people’s needs and provide the right solutions that moved the needle. Couldn’t recommend her enough! We need more Caroline’s in the world and fewer Kardashians."

Amer Abu Shakra

Owner and Founder at TradeArc Consulting

"One of the best things I have done in my life is hire a sales coach, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel to double my income, I just had to get better at sales and double my closing rate.

Instead of closing 2/10, I was closing 4/10.

If anyone is on the edge about working with Caroline this is the sign you have been looking. Schedule a call with her.

She is an expert through and through and I whole heartily recommend her."

Greg Moss

Owner and Founder at OdooClass.com

"Greetings everyone! I wanted to take a moment to write a recommendation for Caroline. I've been successful with Internet Digital marketing but have been looking to take and scale things to the next level.

Caroline has been invaluable in helping me identify and focus on the most critical activities. The results have been dramatic and I highly recommend anyone who is wishing to launch a business or take their business to the next level to schedule a chance to talk with her."

Saidur Rahman

Founder & CEO at Saidur Rahman

"I had a conversation with Caroline Douthwaite last week. She helped me identify what is my weakness at the moment by asking some great questions.

And then she gave some actionable advice, which already helping me see things more clearly and I learned what to do to improve. If you are considering to work with Caroline, I would say go for it. Highly recommended."

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More Online Reviews

Improve your ratings and build your reputation to win more business.

SMS Messaging

Reach your customers wherever they are.

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Fast, easy, secure payments.

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