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3 Biggest Mistakes Solar Companies Make when Running Facebook Ads to Get Leads.

November 20, 20231 min read

3 Biggest Mistakes Solar Companies Make when Running Facebook Ads to Get Leads.

1. Never write on images.


Facebook hates words on images so much that...

....they used to not approve ads that had more than 20% writing.

Even though this has now changed, Facebook still favours ads without text or pitches to users.

It doesn't help customers so the algorithm increases the CPM (Cost Per Mili), meaning... much it cost for 1000 people to view the ad.

2. Never create special offers or put the price on Ads.


With 30 million book sales - How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Dale makes two very relevant points.

1. People want to buy not to be sold.

2. Build trust by giving customers what they want.

Offering a price not only attracts procrastinating customers hustling to get the best price not to mention...

Ads that look like 90% of the other solar companies so why would they choose you?

Because you're the cheapest?

Do you really want to be attracting this type of customer?

instead, create ads giving customers what they want by providing great advice for free.

This builds trust and helps win good quality leads

3. Don't try and sell to a cold audience.

If trust is the biggest hurdle don't try and sell solar...

Provide readers with knowledge in layman's terms!

There is a lot of knowledge you have that customers don't know and would benefit from.

Just remember to keep it simple, educate customers, and offer a quote to learn how solar would benefit them personally.

We have created over 50,000 exclusive, high-paying solar leads in Australia and NZ for $10ea to $35ea.

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