Why 3 quote company leads and ads that pitch prices SUCK!

November 20, 20232 min read

Why 3 quote company leads and ads that pitch prices SUCK!

This is because...

...they generally attract procrastinators searching for the best price.

Don't believe me?

What percentage of leads do you get who are focused on getting the cheapest quote?

Most of them?

If that's the case, think to yourself -

What percentage of referral leads are more focused on the urgency to install instead of the price?

This is because referral leads have more initial TRUST whereas...

....3 quote company leads and ads that pitch prices usually don't!

Most solar company owners agree that customers usually want:

1. A good quality system.

2. Professional Installation.

3. Zero headaches.

4. Reduction in energy bills.

The end!

Higher-quality leads often don't have time to chase around collecting quotes providing these 4 points are met!

When customers already trust you, just like referral leads...

...the easier it is to close sales for a better profit margin.

We had a client who owned a solar company for several years who insisted that...

...the cheapest price is mostly the main thing customers want!

I beg to differ and this is why I believe he thought that -

If all he experienced for years was...

....3 solar Quote Leads and leads from ads pitching prices!

It's reasonable to conclude this was his reality based on his personal experience.

So how does a solar company get higher-quality leads from a cold audience that are easier to close...

...more like referral leads!

The first way is to niche down into less saturated markets...

Upgrading current solar owners to hybrid batteries and...

...selling unused energy to the wholesale market like Amber Energy for example.

This is a far superior way to acquire higher quality leads who are...

...less hassle to work with and easier to close!

Not only do you have less competition but you are also attracting a solar-qualified target market.

Other areas you can niche down are EV charging, off-grid or even RV solar all requiring less effort with Grid connect applications which is nothing more than a bottleneck!

Once you have chosen a niche give customers what they want.

Give them education for FREE!

Educating customers and advising them on what they need to know in ads not only builds trust but... will also increase lead acquisition, sales and ultimately revenue for your business.

I hope this content is useful.

If you want to dramatically increase the revenue of your solar business.

Please feel free to contact me Snowball Assets Contact Page :)

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