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How many sales are you missing?

June 13, 20232 min read

How many sales is your business missing out on because salespeople are not able to connect?"

Most trade service businesses simply don’t have the time or expertise to create an easy-to-use workflow for their business. This results in lost sales.


Salespeople spend too much time trying to contact clients because they call them too late and are unable to make contact. This reduces revenue, creates more stress, and lowers your conversion ratio.


How many tens of thousands of dollars has your business missed out on because salespeople can’t get in touch with customers?


When a potential customer inquires about your trade service when they are ready to chat. If we wait too long the potential customer ends up getting called back when they are busy and often don’t have time to chat.


Harvard University study found that calling the customer within an hour means they are 7 times more likely to qualify that lead and contacting the customer just 24 hours later is 60 times less likely to make contact.


Leads are precious and with high competition in your industry we need to make each opportunity count. When using the Snowball Assets App. An automated SMS goes out to the appointment setter or salesperson within seconds. If the customer is then called, 80% to 90% of leads will answer the phone. This will make a dramatic difference in the revenue the business makes.


In addition, if the customer doesn’t answer the phone, an automated sequence of SMS and emails go out to the customer, so they are able to contact them at a time that is convenient.


Having an automated workflow not only increases the efficiency of your sales team but also increases customer end-to-end experience and reviews.


When all of this these elements come together there is less work to do, and the effectiveness of your sales greatly increases, meaning happier salespeople and the company can make substantially more revenue.


             Connect with more customers.

             Reduce workload and stress.

             Happier sales team

             More referrals

             Make more money!


We all know how much time it takes to run a business, the only thing that’s really holding you back from implementing a great workflow is you!


How much does it cost?


Our partners on average made 8000% times more than the service cost per year.


To find out more, go to to book a call with Caroline today.



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